Thrilling Thursday - Raisa comes Back, Garbage Truck Hit The Car!

Well, there is nothing thrilling about the front of a car being hit by a reversing garbage truck!

If your child talks about this, that is because the episode happened today with one of the school families and the children were naturally conversing about it often. We read about the car mechanic who will fix the car, paint it back and it will be good again. We also talked about always staying clear of the road and watch out for garage doors and any car coming out. While the incident made us shocked, sad, worried and angry, we were also happy that no-one was hurt. The teddy bear with the different emotion faces was reached out today and it was the happy face that was seeked.

On the thrilling side, Raisa joined back after nursing a small sore. We were all joyful and glad to have her come back. Welcome back, Raisa! The sore is not contagious, not exposed and nearly cleared. Again, sharing in case parents hear about it.

Children spent time on their various activities individually and in small groups. Instead of going outside in the morning, we shoveled our garden bed and played in the side yard pre lunch. Late afternoon, we stepped out to play with frisbee, run around and stretch our legs.

Children are getting comfortable with Julia and her routine. She is here 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm except Wednesday when she is here 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

See you all tomorrow.






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