Wishful Wednesday - Paint outside?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a snapshot of the excitement from being outside with one of their favorite activities...water color painting. That certainly was the highlight and a wish for Wishful Wednesday. The Octagon Gazebo had some dried leaves and that prompted the creation of little sweepers out of pine needles. The children were happy to leave a much cleaner Octagon Gazebo.

We also spent the morning on sound writing, some numbers, calendar, reading 'Sindbad the Sailor', building and playing with the barn together.

Lunch featuring 'make your own sandwiches' was enjoyed by all kids. Cream Cheese was favored over butter on bread along with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and boiled egg.

Green Park trip was made again in the evening. Post snack, kids are ready to stretch their legs.

Another day of eat, play, learn, smile!







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