Terrific Tuesday - Mama-Baby Sea Lions Like to...

It is fun to see children make up roles and play. Today for morning outdoors, we took our popcorn snack and ate it at the Octagon Gazebo. Next we walked to the Lookout Point behind the school bridge. While lazing on benches, one declared she is Mama Sea Lion with 3 baby sea lions. The baby sea lions pretended to laze on the benches and bark a little. Mama Sea Lion counted her babies, patted them and then held their hands on the walk back. Teacher Vrinda was sometimes Grandma Sea Lion and at other times Teacher Vrinda :) C'on babies, let's go for a walk, said the Mama. Enjoy some captures of Mama and her babies.

We like to sing. At the lunch table or snack, we often sing 'We like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas' variations. Today the variation was expanded. Here is how it went...

I like to eat eat eat apples and tangerines I like to hold hold hold backpack, bag and purse I like to sing sing sing ABCD

I like to swing swing swing round and round I like to see see see kids cook, eat and play

I like to garden garden garden everyday

Teacher Vrinda contributed the last 2 lines :)

We had success with bigger puzzles today...yeah...they did it!! I introduced Connect 4 to some today purely for creating token columns and counting. The dropping of the tokens at the end was enjoyed. Will build more with the Connect 4 grid. We continue to work with sounds too especially rhyming and noting rhyming words.

All in all many fun moments in the day. See you all tomorrow!







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