Merry Monday - Monday comes again!

While reviewing the calendar, an observation got made today 'Monday comes again!'. It was an 'Aha' moment. Yes, Monday does come again as does each day of the week we talked. There is something so fundamental about passage of time that reviewing the calendar enforces everyday. The children when asked the month invariably say 'August' since that was the month we started to track. On reminder that we said bye to August, September is remembered. I shared that after this week, it will be time to say hello to 2.75-3.75 years of age, that is a lot of process :) Cognitive and memory creation continues every moment.

Children challenged themselves on puzzles, some successful while some continues to be work in progress. Numbers and sounds continue to be worked on as is writing at various levels.

Green Park was enjoyed very much for its play structure and also the green where we played tag, counted yellow flowers (29!), discovered earthworms (dead and alive)...put them back in soil and counted steps back in batches of 20. We also pottered in our garden beds a little bit in the morning and afternoon. We enjoyed the Tree Park for a little in the afternoon with Julia our new afterschool student.

Lunch was enjoyed by all especially the purple cabbage and finished quickly. The purple cabbage was introduced whole, then chopped to see the insides prior to being lightly saute'ed as a warm salad for consumption. Possible colors of cabbage were, white, purple and a slightly yellowish version too! When grapes came for snack and their possible colors were discussed too. After the recent lesson on beans, a lot of interest is being taken in what is being consumed which is very heartening to see!

Julia, our after-schooler started today. She arrived a little before the kids woke up. While initially quiet at snack with a new classroom entrant, kids returned to their usual selves after. Playing outside in the Tree Park was enjoyed by all.

Until tomorrow!






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