Fun Friday - Beans help us grow!

Whew Friday :)

Yesterday, the kids while eating black beans wondered, are there blue beans, are there pink beans and more? Well, today after breakfast, there was a lessson on beans. We explored 10 different beans. They played with the bean bowls, smelled the beans, noted colors/sizes/shapes, were taught they can't eat them uncooked, learnt their names and then took a bean of each type. We bean counted to 10 - Black, White Lima, Yellow Peruvian, Pink, Green Moong, Red Kidney, Spotted Pinto, Brown Chori, Black Eye and Garbanzo/Chickpea beans. They have little jars that have the beans where they rattle. The exercise was enjoyed. Beans give us proteins to grow! We ate white beans called Navy beans today in baked beans form. The children have had 9 out of 10 beans shared at the school and more already.

To measure growth and visualize it, Teacher Vrinda got growth charts. Children were exposed to measuring their height and weight and it has been noted in the growth chart. As we eat and cross months, we will chart our growth.

For outdoors, we gardened more today, biked, scootered and played in the sideyard. Nap was delayed today since Teacher Vrinda and kids were distracted by a 2:15 pm package drop off. After a late nap, we stayed indoors, ate snack 

and played inside instead of going out.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! I look forward to seeing the crew on Monday.






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