Thrilling Thursday - Birds, Cranes, Earthworm

Teacher Vrinda is getting excited :)

Fall is setting in. We talk about the season daily at calendar time. As fall continues and winter comes nearer, all the red leaves on the tree in the yard will fall. In October, November and further, the lagoon will fill with migratory birds, cranes, pelicans, ducks etc.  The children will certainly notice the change in season. 

We captured some birds and cranes sighted today on the bridge in front of the classroom and also close to the Blue Park. The kids actually watched the grey and white tall cranes stand still only to suddenly swoop down and catch a fish to eat. Quite a sight! We also saw an earthworm. Teacher Vrinda set him back in the grass. Blue Park was enjoyed as always. 

I have to remind children to be thankful of these beautiful surroundings that we live in! I am so glad to share it with them. Truly, thank you for trusting me with them.

Apart from the usual, the other highlight today was laundry folding. The children helped fold table mats, stack aprons and roll their rest mats when they got out of the dryer. They enjoyed the warmth and were caught just enjoying lying on their warm rest mats :) This is certainly a bi-monthly chore that they will repeat at school. I encourage you to include them in laundry folding at home.

The kids enjoy the blue corn tortillas and black beans for sure. Those were both most consumed. They got curious if there are pink beans, blue beans, yellow beans, brown beans and more.

Well, I look forward to seeing the crew tomorrow for fun friday. They will get to see beans of many colors and of course eat baked beans...another variant :)






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