Wishful Wednesday - Pizza, Pizza, Yeah!

The kids had mentioned eating pizza during some meals so they were excited on learning we will be making and eating pizza today. They got to see the dough ingredients being put in the kneader and then the hand kneading part. They saw that the dough doubles in size. They patted and stretched their dough balls on their pizza baking plates and then spread cheese, onions, peppers and optionally salami. Once cooked, pizza was enjoyed with tomato sauce and greens on the side. They ate between 1/2 to a almost the full pizza.

Apart from the pizza making and eating, the children worked on their individual numbers, reading, writing, puzzles or legos.

Calendar time was interesting trying to decide if it is a cloudy, rainy or sunny day. Our consensus was cloudy!

We read '5+1 Makes More Fun', a common wish and also 'What do people do?'. Our preschooler who is learning addition when explained the title got it, that was fun! The jobs of Doctor, Chef, Mechanic, Pilot, Train Engineers got the kids excited and they got the related classroom material to pretend. The trains got taken out and were doctored, hammered, spannered and played with.

Octagon Gazebo was enjoyed around noon for half hour but then we came in due to faint shower. We went out in the evening again for a little.

All in all a kind of day that Teacher Vrinda wishes for with her kids :)

See you all tomorrow.







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