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September 20, 2017

- I want to do number cards

- I want to write on the white board

- I am going to look for something with a,b,c,d....okay, now write the sounds

- I'll do the deer puzzle...I'll do dinosaur puzzle

- I want to play Doctor and Dentist

- Are you happy, laughing, angry, worried, sad, shocked...why? How can we get happy and laughing?

- Lets read a new book 'Bugs, Bugs, Bugs', 'Stop Train Stop'

- Could we garden

- I like Pasta and tomato sauce

- I want to color...see my coloring

- Can we go to Gazebo Park

- Let's walk to the Lookout Point...look we are holding hands and walking together, what are the towers, look at the crane...she has such a long neck

- Can we listen to music. Okay, let's try musical frisbee...run around the frisbees, find a frisbee when the music stops, one less frisbee...repeat the play


Both inside and outside, the attempt is to be variate, play and do our best to be safe, healthy and happy.


One feedback received was that however safe our neighborhood is, variate going to different places and the times so that there isn't any possible tracking. This is good and valuable feedback, thank you! I do try but some staple park days like Friday at the Sand Park have emerged and times of day would be in some ball park. I will keep the feedback shared in mind and variate times. Sharing so all parents are aware and can chime in. From last week, the garden project is continuing to garner interest and is a more controlled outdoor setting that is getting used. Having the side gate is bearing the desired benefit. This also reduces open outdoor excursions by a few trips. The kids do love their open outdoor trips so we will continue to balance that.

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