Merry Monday - Play and Learn

Play is so important for children both indoor/outdoors to learn.

Post breakfast, we had some individual work and then spent time with play dough. It was interesting to see some head to making their animals or noodles while others got busy cooking parathi (stuffed flatbread) and dosas (rice-lentil crepes). There was star parathi and dosas being rolled, doggy, noodles, sea horse, penguin shapes attempted and each continued till they were ready to move on. The play dough has been made accessible like other material to encourage playing with it self-initiated rather than orchestrated.

We worked on our daily calendar, children like to talk about how they are feeling and through it learning to ask why one is sad, worried, angry, shocked, happy or laughing. We talk about what needs to be done to clear reasons for being sad, angry, shocked or worried. 

Our reading was 'Welcome back, Puffin' where we learnt on the map where in the world puffins are found, how a baby is born, grows and becomes independent. Reading about growing and learning through animals captivates the kids and relate to themselves. Reading new books is becoming exciting for the kids where they look forward to a new story vs a known one. I am glad they feel comfortable exploring new material. It is an important part of growing.

In morning outdoor time, we played some t-ball, ran around bases 1-4 in a musical game. Children had to run while music was on and then get to a numbered base that is called out. We also took turns hitting and progressing through bases 1-4. For afternoon outdoor time, we went to the Green Park. Sun exposire wise, late afternoon park time is easier and it allows the group of 5 to play together outdoors.

Lunch of aloo paratha (potato flatbread) with moong sprouts and greens was enjoyed by all.

I look forward to seeing the crew tomorrow!






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