Fun Friday - Nothing but fun!

Fridays are special especially with these Avid Kids :)

We were fairly quick today in getting the breakfast out of the way today.

The group lead by Alexandra worked on US Political Map and then each one worked on puzzles. The older kids are trying to expand to larger puzzles, not there yet but I am sure they will make the leap. After some individual writing/number work, the fun kicked up.

Teacher Vrinda and the kids started the sideyard garden project. We filled 3 buckets of old soil from the bed and put it away to start making room for new soil. This will be our long project and I am sure one day we will get to growing plants after this hard work of creating a bed for plants. Kids biked/scootered and ran and then we also did some runs around the Gazebo track.

Lunch of Waffles, Sweet Potatoes, Greens, Whipped Cream with Chocolate Syrup was enjoyed by all.

Post rest and snack, we headed to the Sand Park...our Friday treat. Teacher Vrinda intentionally skipped the sand toys since they had shoveled enough for the day. Instead they got creative with sticks and turned them into candles and also wrote three names in sand, used their hands instead.

Have a wonderful weekend troops...see you all on Monday!