Thrilling Thursday - Power of Repetition

In these early childhood years, repeated experiences allow for creating or renewing connections and in turn learning. The power of repetition is engaged daily at school through routines like toileting, hand washing, placing mats, getting plates/bowls/water bottles, using rugs, ensuring all material is kept at its rightful place, outdoors trips to build independence and safety thoughtfulness, through foods consumed, rest and so much more. Similarly, the kids naturally keep repeating their play experiences to achieve mastery. Consistency is key and it is best to be thoughtful in our engagements since their brains are busy constructing maps through  information assimilation or accommodation (Jean Piaget). As a parent and teacher, I have employed the rule of 3...try something at least thrice and give your brain and body a chance to familiarize. It works!

The children today not surprisingly chose to repeat their outdoor Tree Park experience, played hide and seek, used the old swing there and discovered a 2-sided bench there which kept them engaged and fascinated. I expect revisiting the bench given the fun they had today playing on it :) The day started with pretend kitchen play and it continued to keep them busy through the day. We repeated 'The Napping House' and 'Go to the Doctor' story books on popular demand.

For lunch, there were the familiar and favorites pita bread, hummus and greens along with a new eggplant vegetable. Everybody tried the eggplant and I expect to repeat it.

One of the juggles as teachers and parents is to balance these repetitions with new/varied experiences, then evaluate the interest and engagement after some repetitions of course. I hope you feel that our little sponges are growing multi-dimensionally and in all the ways you would like them to. If not, as always, please reach out :)






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