Wishful Wednesday - New Loops

Change is the only constant...how true is that. The one thing the children are learning daily is there is something new always to learn. If I could give one lesson, that would be it for life!

Our day started as usual with individual/small group play followed by calendar work and reading. The children making their connections asked, 'Are we reading a new book today?'. Sure enough we were. We read 'The Napping House' by Audrey Wood and Don Wood. The moral there was that a small flea can cause a whole chain of changes. In the story it wakes the whole house up! Children love repetition but that needs to be balanced with changes/new. For e.g. calendar routine stays predictable and familiar while reading introduces new ideas, facts, stories and concept learning.

For Outdoor time, we went to the Green Park but then then the kids after some slide rounds seemed done. On asking if they would like to walk a new loop, the response was a resounding 'Yes'. So off we went to a new lookout point not far from the Green Park. All children know the San Mateo Bridge that is visible and then after running and jumping we walked back towards the Tree Park and School on the Seabrook Bay Trail. The loop was very much enjoyed, new flaura and fauna noted. It made the children realize there are so many different walks possible and how fun they are to explore.

We enjoyed making and eating Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on returning, rested, snacked and played after.

The wishes noted from this week are 'Art in the Park' along with 'Outdoor Picnic and Play' and 'Melons' to eat. Teacher Vrinda will work on that experience and figure an appropriate day!

Until tomorrow...







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