Terrific Tuesday - Painting, Popcorn and Blue Park

An ideal day for the kids is when they can play. Teacher Vrinda's job is to create play mediums and opportunities that also engage the children's minds, think about sounds, numeric values, words, song, classification etc. Today it was a win-win. 

We started our day with individual/small group play. Once all the kids were in, we started the exercise of water coloring our clay objects. Next we did free painting with water colors on paper. While we started with traditional brushes, I gave up my brush in favor of finger painting. The kids soon followed suit and what started with 1 finger extended to 2-3-4 fingers and a thumb being used to make dots/prints. The children seemed liberated and enjoyed finger painting. I hope you liked the little video or the results. The key is each one's unique use of their digits and colors to make their own creation. We played games like index/pinky/ring/middle finger or thumb where are you and sang 'here I am' while dipping into colors.

Another fun project was gathering around to make popcorn in the microwave. Children carefully watched the bag blow, listened to the pops resulting in popcorn in a span of 2 minutes. The popcorn was distributed into bags so we could carry and eat while we walked to the Blue Park for our outdoor fun.

The lunch of noodles, Tofu/Shrimp, Green Beans and Greens was enjoyed as was grapes and yoghurt.

After rest, we spent time writing, reading and playing both indoors or in the sideyard with a soccer ball. Names and locations of states on the US map continues to engage the kids. Today all map puzzles were made individually or in group. The children have now started to relate to the map of USA posted in the classroom and are calling out state names. As an Avid traveler and daughter of a geography teacher, it pleasures me to share the love of places and locations. We will keep building on towards the larger world. A trip to LA and Oregon by students was the spark to ignite the interest.

We look forward to sandwich making tomorrow and other learnings.







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