Merry Monday - Birthday Party!

We resumed another week today. 

The highlight certainly was hearing about the fun at Mika's party yesterday. There was a pretend party with singing (as captured in Video) and everybody was given backpresents :) The kids are now eagerly awaiting the next Birthday at school.

There are certain strides being made by all the kids. The learning of US State names and location on the map is a newer one. The older kids are certainly more taken with it but there is onlooker learning and interest generation in the younger. Sounds, Writing and Reading (for some) are also keeping all kids occupied along with number recognition. Puzzles are taking a little backseat but given they are all comfortable with some of them, the plan is to start working on some new ones. 

As a group we worked on the calendar and read 'Feeding Time', an informative level 1 reader that taught us that animals eat at different times and different foods. It was enjoyed by all.

Outdoor Time was in the morning today. The kids wanted to play indoors in the afternoon after their rest, writing work and snack.

Until tomorrow!






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