Fun Friday - Hair Cut Anybody?

In a parent conversation, we talked about the fear of going for a haircut. Well, nothing like pretend play to talk about fears and repeat the motions till they don't feel as scary. Teacher Vrinda took out her hair-cut case and we had fun in the morning with each child being given a haircut by Teacher Vrinda. By the end, it was a case of 'I need a haircut too'! We wore the cape, saw the snippping scissors, the clips to hold the hair, the comb, brush, spray bottle, mirror to see the haircut. We will create more opportunities to engage and safely play act again.

Kids enjoyed individual play, calendar work and the very important question - "Are you feeling...?". We read an informative 'Wild Baby Animals' Reader Level 1 book. 

Sand Park was enjoyed thoroughly and we walked back through the Pine Cone Way. The kids found it interesting that there are 2 paths to the Sand Park...we walked in a loop!

Afternoon was spent eating, resting, writing, coloring, playing indoor/outdoors. All in all, a very fun Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all Monday!






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