Thrilling Thursday - Time Flies When Having Fun!

Well, wished for cool weather and cool we got!

The day was busy. The kids spent time doing individual puzzles, building, number or reading activities. Next we did some clay play, group calendar work and re-read 'Hug' by Jez Alborough ending the book with our own round of hugs.

The cloudy cooler weather was not as inviting but we decided to head out post snack just to stretch. We went to the Tree Park after quite some time and it was much enjoyed. Then the decision was to go for a walk to the Lookout Bridge. Kids just enjoy running together up and down. By the end, they were definitely not feeling cold and quite warmed up from the outdoor activity.

Pretty much all kids enjoy Mexican inspired food...the black beans, corn tortilla, avocado, Tofu/Shrimp and salad was finished by all.

Post rest, we did some writing, coloring, playing and got a little more outside time to welcome the sun that finally showed up! The kids have become the community keepers of the Octagon Gazebo...they have swept it clean and are continuing to return back and keep it clean chasing all the pine needles away :)

See you all tomorrow...wrap the week with a Fun Friday!!






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