Wishing Wednesday - Cool down?

Another warm day...waiting for the cooler days! While not as sunny, it was still warm. We welcomed some evening breeze at the park.

The day started with breakfast for most of us followed by individual play and group work. The new mega lego blocks, wooden blocks and US map continues to draw kids. While one starts, others join in.

For Outdoor time, we continue to split between morning and afternoon. We will consolidate back as we cool down. Mornings are spent in the Gazebo Park while afternoon time is at the Green Park except Friday when we head to the Sand Park. Today we wondered if we could throw the ball to the clouds and back. Well, we tried and 'almost' got to the clouds :) We also did some movement and rhythm in the Gazebo which was fun in the morning.

Mac n Cheese is a keeper and zucchini (cucumber's sister) was consumed with some nudging but all ate. They now tell each other to try...it works at school for sure :)

I look forward to seeing the crew tomorrow.







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