Terrific Tuesday - Welcome back troops!

The house was quiet over the weekend and Teacher Vrinda got busy adding to our classroom. Among the additions, the children have colored wooden blocks, a white board to doodle on the wall, another for community messages and a new Montessori material called Mini Numerical Rods which helps children spatially organize the rods, color coordinate, get sorting rods by their length/height and learning that they show quantity 1-10. It was nice to see the children engage with all the new material.

We indulged in individual and small group work in the morning followed by our usual calendar work and reading. Today we read "Zack's Alligator" by Shirley Mozelle. The alligator was from Florida...we know where Florida is on the map! It was nice to make that connection.

Outdoor Time was in the Gazebo Park in the morning and Green Park in the evening. Since it was still warm, we could only last 30 mins at a time. Kids had a fun time trying to fly frisbees from the Gazebo to the green and then they found pine needle sweepers and got busy enjoying cleaning up their Park!

Raisa joined us for the afternoon and that was different and fun to have a new rest and play buddy!

Spinach chicken/paneer was enjoyed with black eyed peas and brown rice. We ate things individually and then mixed up too.

It was nice to get back to our routine. See you all tomorrow!







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