Fun Friday - Have a wonderful weekend!

What a hot hot day! 106 degrees noted, 104 degrees anticipated tomorrow and then in 90s. Enjoy it while it lasts with some cold cold ice cream and water park or ocean time!

Our day was spent with individual activities in the morning and afternoon. In the calendar group work, we said goodbye to August and hello to September. We noted that the date does back to 1 on month change. We read their favorite 'The Big Red Bus' book along with enacting its traffic jam activity.

Children enjoyed snack and went outdoors.

We only could last 30 mins. Given the smoke and heat advisories, we headed back to the cooler school house.

Lunch was very much their was relished. The sweetest gesture from a child was a 'Thank you for this lunch'. It was unexpected and generated a round of thank you. Teacher Vrinda was most touched.

In the afternoon, we also listened to the 'Come September' melody accompanied with some musical instruments.

After all the fun, all of us are ready for our long weekend!!

See you all on Tuesday. Enjoy family time.






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