Thrilling Thursday - Cookie Making and Blue Park

Hope you all enjoy captures of the thrills today.

Post breakfast we played independently and together. For edible art, we played with Butter Cookie dough and then cut the dough into some shapes. It was a first to see cookie dough being hammered :) They learnt that unlike playdough, with cookie dough, once a shape is made, you let it be and then move on to making others. The cookies baked and were enjoyed for morning snack, some less crispy than others but all consumed with lot of 'my yummy cookie' sounds.

We worked on our calendar activity and noted today as a special day, the last day of August. August will come again in 1 year! We look forward to transitioning to September tomorrow.

We went to the Blue Park today. The walk and the park was very much enjoyed. We found an apple tree along the way which was shared with the kids so they could see Apples growing on a tree!

Lunch was Moong Dal Dosa (Green Lentil Crepes) with sautéd potatoes in mustard seeds and tomato chutney. The kids polished all in their plates without much prompts.

After rest, we worked on writing, numbers, snack and then just enjoyed playing together.

See you all tomorrow! Looking forward to the long weekend break as I am sure are each of you :)






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