Wishful Wednesday - Pancake Please

I got a request for eating pancakes. That happens to be on the Friday Menu...talk about premonition. Sand Park request is in too...also slotted for Friday.

Tomorrow morning as part of edible art, we will be shaping Butter Cookie Dough using cookie cutters, decorating them with sprinkles and baking them. If possible, we will try to visit Blue Park too.

Today involved many individual jobs along with our group calendar and reading time. We continued the topic of being 'good' and 'thoughtful' people and friends. We re-read and went over what it means to be good friends again today. As part of our calendar, we go over how each of us are feeling including Teacher Vrinda. We talk candidly about what makes us sad, angry, worried, happy, laugh. It is good for kids to feel comfortable expressing their emotions. Post rest is work time for writing, sounds and then free play.

Finally, a reminder that Mika and Raisa's summer time at Avid Kids Circle as morning part time students will be completing this Friday. They will be resuming their school year at Redwood Shores Montessori program. We will miss them and wish them well for the school year. I hope the kids can still continue to meet up. I will keep you posted on enrollment updates. 

See you all tomorrow. As always, please reach out for any questions, clarifications or improvement thoughts.







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