Terrific Tuesday - Reflections

Sorry for the delay in posting. I have a class Monday and Tuesday evenings that have resumed. These classes are my opportunities to reflect, think and grow. I continue to be energized by the kids and courses. The basic building blocks of the program are reinforced. At a physical level nutrition, play, exercise and rest are key. At the socio-emotional level, continued development of independence and confidence...'yes you can' matters so much. If the kids are smiling and happy when they come in, energized for their next day and they are the same at pickup, then together our community is strong. Our program is rooted in our bountiful local outdoors and to have our children growing with an appreciation of themselves, their family, where they live, it's diversity, multi-ethnic exposure and most of all their privileges. Together, we are all working hard to give them our best.

Instead of telling you about today, I have a request instead. Talk to your child about their day today/other, what they did/do, what they enjoy and what they do not enjoy. I would love to hear back.

To the Lu Family...have a wonderful Labor Day break in Oregon. I'm glad geographically, Alexandra knows where Oregon is on the US Map :)

Until tomorrow!







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