Merry Monday - Full House Again!

It is nice to have Mika back amidst us even if for a little bit more.

It was a morning of puzzles galore worked on individually or in small groups helping each other out and completing it together. Some writing was also accomplished. In our group time, each child asks how everybody is feeling...sad, angry, worried, shocked, happy smiling and laughing. Our sad and worried faces on the calendar were put to rest. The children are learning to run the calendar work themselves. For reading, we listened to the story of Tortoise and the Hare and talked about remembering to continue working until our work is finished whether it is writing, eating, puzzles etc. We also talked how even slow and steady can come ahead in the race.

Outdoor Time was enjoyed with playground time,  summersaults, frisbee/ball throws, walking, hopping and finally puddle stomping. It was a warm day and being outdoors was much fun.

Lunch of corn-potato chowder, spinach greens, buttered toast and cheese/salami was all consumed. The soup was new and took them some time to spoon but everybody worked on cleaning their plates and learning a different consistency and texture of soft potato and crunchy corn.

After rest, we worked independently on our writing work, some playing, snack, yoghurt/milk and before we know was pickup time!!

See you all tomorrow.






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