Fun Friday - Sand Park Please

Sand Park like Whipped Cream is part of the Fun Friday equation :) The children are familiar with the process of voting and so we counted how many hands wanted Sand Park and it pretty much was unanimous vote. They enjoy taking their sand toys, playing in the sand and then the park time.

Our morning prior to outdoors was spent on individual work and all the kids made cards for Mika which was sweet. I visited to drop off the cards and am happy to report Mika is ready to come back to school on Monday!! At group time we did calendar work and 'sad face' was added in by the children. We read Grandpa Tree on request.

Lunch of oatmeal, raisins, maple syrup and scrambled eggs was finished by all. Butter was given instead of Whipped Cream and that is enjoyed by all too. Oatmeal was new to many and I noticed that raisins were being fished :)

Afternoon rest was followed by puzzles, some writing, snacks and of course pickup!

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday.






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