Thrilling Thursday - More bread roll please!

I am ready to call the crew Hawaiian Roll Bunnies! You can pair the rolls with anything and they will eat it :) Today was Veg Chilli made with red beans, peas, onions, tomatoes, carrots and greens, lettuce and optionally salami. Lettuce is crunchy, beans are yummy and bread roll is the best.

Aside from eating, we did individual work in the morning spanning writing, puzzles, sound cards etc. We continue to use our circle time for calendar work and reading. Today's reading was 'Just Say Please' by Gina and Mercer Mayer on good manners. The kids were sceptical but then connected since they observe a lot of the good manners like covering their mouth when they sneee/cough, saying their 'Please/Thank You', 'Excuse Me' when trying to pass on bikes/scooters/on foot, taking turns, keeping hands on their mats or lap etc. We will continue to work on remembering our manners.

Outdoor Play was at the Green Park and today's highlight was grass summersaults and rolls aside from the usual park play, running and ball/frisbee throws. No, there was no geese poop noted in the grass. A good bath is advisable :)

Post rest, there was the usual writing, puzzles and practical work (pouring beakers) and then snack followed by play/pickup!!

See you all tomorrow!






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