Wishing Wednesday - To Mika's health

Our calendar continues to show a worried face for Mika since her fever continues. We hope she feels better and can come back to the classroom to play!

The day started with breakfast and then Raisa was back...that was fun. They enjoyed building towers in the morning and other individual activities. At group time, we worked on our calendar and also read 'If you hold my hand' by Jillian Parker.

Post snack, we went to the Green Park for outdoor time. Today, it was all about coming down fast on the tummy. Teacher Vrinda watched out for the speed and safety.

After much play, we returned to a healthy meal of 'Khichadi', rice and moong lentils with carrots-peas veg on the side. Lime was given to squeeze over the khichadi...that was the highlight for all...they all wanted to squeeze more lime and enjoyed the tangy taste.

After rest, we dove into writing, puzzles, snack and free play followed by pickup time!

See you all tomorrow.







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