Terrific Tuesday - Seeds to Baby Trees

We missed our friends Raisa who had an eye check and Mika who is recovering from a fever. We look forward to them coming back soon!

The day started with individual work. The children got really engrossed with puzzles and I had to finally get them to come to the snack table skipping our usual group and reading time. 

Post snack we did our calendar update. They reminded that we do need to update the weather and date. It's nice to note that the habit of thinking about the day/date/weather is setting in. 

To go with the 'Rainforest Puzzle' that was being worked on, the accompanying book describing the characters in the puzzle was read. On the forest theme, we also read about 'The Grandpa Tree' by Mike Donahue which talks about how seeds start a tree which then grow like a baby, takes care of younger trees under it once it grows bigger like mommy/daddy but then in the end some day when it gets too old, the wind may crash it to become part of the ground and soil.

Following the 'Grandpa Tree' story, the thought was born to go on the Pine Cone Walk. We looked for smaller trees under bigger trees and found 2 baby pine trees under bigger pine trees like the story told us. We were happy to see baby trees that were as tall as the children and we look forward to seeing them grow too! We did not find a Grandpa Tree :)

Lunch was enjoyed by all followed by rest, writing work, snack, more puzzles and of course pickup!

See you all tomorrow.







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