Fun Friday - Play, Run, Eat, Rest!

Fun is hanging out with friends playing indoors and outdoors, climbing, sliding, running laps, burying and uncovering things in sand, singing or walking together holding hands, eating everything on our plates...extra French toast all for that dollop of whipped cream or a tiny bit of chocolate sauce, doing cleanup and saying bye to some friends, laying out the sleep mats to rest, waking up and knowing that there is still more time to play and have fun.

For teacher Vrinda, Fun is supporting the children and in turn having them actively listen and absorb in the areas that they want to explore and build memory banks a little at a time.

I hope you enjoy the captures of our fun today.

I have 2 program updates to share:

1. Given the solar eclipse on Monday, the plan is to stay indoors and not have the children observe the eclipse given at their age the celestial phonomenon is not one that they will grasp. Instead of going outdoors, we will work on painting the clay objects we created since we expect them to be dry by Monday. The eclipse is expected to be 2 hrs 36 mins long between 9:01 am - 11:37 am. Should questions come up, I plan to share with them that the moon is covering the sun today which is unusual and we may spend time thinking about it using the solar system puzzle or model. You can read more about the eclipse at

2. The licensing officer visited the school site in the late afternoon time yesterday. The visit was primarily to inspect the newly installed side gate, approve and license the side yard for use by children. He was satisfied with the installation and the sideyard is now clear for kids to spend time in for gardening or play. Licensing visits are always undisclosed visits. He also did a quick tour indoors and was happy that everything was in order, no issues noted. I was happy to get the clean bill of health :)

Please reach out if you have any open questions.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday.








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