Thrilling Thursday - Clay is hard, Puri is Yummy

Highlights today included the following:

We worked with a new art medium...clay. The first reactions were 'It is harder than playdough!'. We talked about how it can be broken into little parts and different things can be made from it. I demonstrated a few things and they started to play and make their own creations and recreations. Over multiple exposures, they will figure ways to use the medium. Pictures have been shared and we are waiting for each to dry. The dried state will be interesting to note.

We voted and created consensus to go to the Green Park again and while Sand Park at one point had 3 votes, the Green Park group managed to convert each one :) As part of outdoor time, running has lately become a new favorite outdoor pastime and today many 'laps' were run. If the interest persists, I will introduce the concept of start, finish and time taken to run 'laps'. We talked about laps today...each round of the playground is called a lap. Teacher Vrinda loves to run and running club would be a fun add :)

Lunch was a traditional Indian festival/travel meal  of Puri(Fried Wheatflour Roti), Aloo(Potatoes), Chole (Garbanzo Beans). Plates were all consumed and Puri was certainly enjoyed. Monday was 'Janamasthami', the birthday of Krishna so a traditional meal was part of the week. 

If there is any holiday that a family celebrates, do share about it so we can find a way to enjoy at least the food or dressing associated with it at school.

Aside from the above, the usual individual, small group and circle time calendaring work and reading was also done.

See you all tomorrow for Fun Friday! I have been informed we will be going to the Sand Park.






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