Wishful Wednesday - Painting Please

Each child has been looking at the wall with their paintings, identifying with their own and also recognizing each other's work. It is not a surprise that the wish to paint again was voiced in the classroom. Given the wish, Teacher Vrinda's plan for tomorrow and day after is to have the kids spend time on art. Tomorrow they will work with air dry clay. They have not done this before. I think they will enjoy it since the shape will persist. On Friday, the kids will get to paint these shapes.

Today there seemed like we had an extra dose of merriment inside and outside the classroom at the Green Park. All the children have bonded with each other and are getting comfortable socializing independently. There was a prolonged pretend sleep play where rugs were turned into blankets and much shushing was done...'Shh...it's rest time!' except instead of quiet there would be laughter :)

Lunch was an experience in new flavors and textures with Polenta and a Tomato-based curry with celery, carrots, spring onions, spinach and Lima beans. The menu items received votes for a redo!

If any of you has some free hours and would like to experience some time in the classroom or join for lunch...please feel free to reach out. Individual visit time can be organized.

See you all tomorrow.







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