Terrific Tuesday - More Avocado please!

When I thought of the program, meals and food in my mind was critical. Communal eating in peace rather than being rushed meant a lot. As a working parent with 24/7 production support, I found myself having to rush kids to get all the food in, made those healthy lunch boxes yet knew the food will have to be eaten cold and as a foodie, I could not bring myself to buy the so called 'hot' boxed lunch which my kids claimed was not enough for them. In my little initiative, while I love all aspects of the day, I'm happiest about the ability to create a place where children eat their food peacefully, try everything placed in their plates and show care and do their best to eat with their mouths over their bowls/plates so that their clothes, mats and floors stay clean. Today's universal food sound was 'Can I have more Avocado please!'...I do hope you hear it at home too :)

Aside from eating, as you know, we do other things.

Our day was filled with individual and small group play. The group worked with color pencils, drawing what they wanted to and tried to describe their drawings. Aside from that, each one has made progress spatially with puzzles and spends time on it. When circus puzzle was completed by one, we played seek and find with the color, sound or number cards on the puzzle board.

Outdoor Time involved doing some movement exercises to the music/singing of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and 'This old man' in the Gazebo Park. Was too busy moving to take any captures of that :) We also went to the park in the evening.

See you all tomorrow!







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