Merry Monday - The Big Red Bus

The story of 'The Big Red Bus' by Judy Hindley is loved by children. Our circle time involved a reading of the book along with enacting the traffic jam and it's resolution. It is a family favorite and now has new fans. We continue to review our calendar at circle time also. Today a new calendar has been added to the class that allows easier interactivity. Children are comfortable determining the day's weather and the reasoning behind it like today was windy since the tree tops were moving a lot due to the wind.

Post morning individual/small group work, circle and snack time, we headed outdoors to the Green Park where we met two neighborhood 6 year old twins and enjoyed playing with the girls and watching their play tricks. We still remembered to slide legs down first and giving each other space. Sharing the park with others is another thing we are learning. All did some rounds of jogging, 6 year olds joined in the merry jog.

Lunch was vegetable fried rice with green beans, Tofu and optionally sausage. The children patiently worked through their plates. They are good about the amount they take on the plate and then finishing it independently even if it takes them a little longer sometimes.

Rest was followed with individual work, sounds, numbers, cutting or puzzles followed by snack and free play.

See you all tomorrow!! Hopefully the winds reduce.