Fun Friday - Artists in the making!

There is a Fun Friday pattern emerging. 

It starts with some individual or small group play. 

About 9:45, we have fun with an art medium. Today was water colors. The creations have been captured and shared. Kids learnt to clean their brush in water, dry it with a napkin and then dip in a new color. Same color dipping can be continued with the brush while painting but then for a color change, it's time to "clean, wipe then dip" the brush. Some more color distinction is emerging from the process learning.

Post snack, we went to the Sand Park with sand toys and enjoyed mostly playing with sand followed by some playtime. Sand Park is another Fun Friday element.

Lunch involved Crepes, Steamed Brussels Sprouts, Chocolate Syrup, Cheese, Salami and Whipped Cream. As always all is finished esp for that extra dollop of whipped cream :) Its their days to enjoy and burn it all!

Rest time of 1.25-1.5 hrs was followed with working on sounds, individual play, folder reviews, reading (5 Little Ducks, 5 Little Lady Bugs and Brown Bear Brown Bear) and the happy pickup time.

Have a wonderful weekend. Please set reminders to self for bringing back the precious rest mats.

See you all on Merry Monday!






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