Thrilling Thursday - Pat it and roll it...

Our morning was a busy one where we collaborated over lacing wooden beads, tracing shapes using metal insets and coloring them, puzzles and more. Material discovery is often through each other...lacing and metal insets are certainly getting focus.

We reviewed our calendar (month-day), determined it was a cloudy day in the morning and then read 'Harry the Dirty Dog' by Gene Zion, 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' a Daniel Tiger series and the abridged version of Peter Pan.

It was another Green Park and Octagon Park day of outdoor time and frisbee time for an hour.

For lunch, I had helpers who patted the wheatflour dough balls and stuffed it with Potato or Minced Turkey filling balls. Next we patted the bigger stuffed ball and used the rolling pin to roll each parathi (bread), cooked and enjoyed it with cucumber rounds. Heard some 'More Parathi and Cucumber'. This is a kid friendly North Indian savory dish.

As is usual, parathi certainly leads to siesta which was followed by more individual work, evening snacks and play.

Tomorrow we will be spend our morning with water colors. Let's see what the artists create.






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