Wishing Wednesday - Color Shapes

Today the metal insets were put to use by all kids. They made shapes of choice and colored sitting together, sharing color pencils then trying to write their name/initial to personalize the work. Next we read 'Maisy goes to Preschool', 'Welcome to the Neighborhood - Daniel Tiger' and 'Spot can Count'. Afternoon reading was 'Berenstain Bears - Go to the Doctor'.

We went to the Green Park and noted that it's Garbage Day today (Wednesday). We played, ran around, threw frisbees, watched garbage trucks and gardeners do some work and some of us even pretended they were animals lazing on the bench.

Lunch of Cheese Tortellini with Tomato Sauce and Sautéed Carrots was eaten. All tomato Sauce was scraped and eaten off the plates in addition to being used to dunk Tortellini.

Afternoon rest was followed with writing, sounds and them free play with cars, trains and taxis.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We will be collaborating to make some Potato or Meat stuffed Parathas (pan fried bread) for lunch.







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