Terrific Tuesday - Where is Aria?

After some morning individual and group play, the question arose, 'Where is Aria?'. A map of United States was taken out and we located our state and learnt it is California. We live in Redwood Shores in Northern California while Aria is in Los Angeles in Southern California. We also noted the state of Oregon north of California that Alexandra will be visiting over Labor Day weekend and the biggest state of Texas.

With Aria located, we moved on to sing rhymes and then post snack headed outdoors. By consensus, we went on the Pine Cone Walk starting with the San Mateo Bridge/Bay viewpoint and then picking many pine cones in little cone hat baskets. We also learnt that the trees have needle shaped leaves.

Lunch of pita with butter, sautéed cauliflower, cheese/turkey, hummus and lettuce was enjoyed post thorough scrub-a-dub hand washing.

Rest was followed with more individual work, snack, reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' and free play time.

Enjoy the rest of the day.