Merry Monday - Mika turns 3!

Today was a special day as we celebrated Mika's 3rd birthday.

Children have learnt that birthdays are special since they occur once a year.

As a group, we baked a Dolphin chocolate chip brownie cake...with some measuring and a lot of mixing up by all. We learnt that oil, water and egg are liquids because they flow/drip but cake flour is not since it is dry and does not flow. Cake batter is also a liquid though a very thick one. We pretended to cry out like dolphins (short video capture).

We read 'Happy Birthday To You' by Dr Seuss in an abridged form.

Outdoor time was a trip to the Green Park followed by more playing in the Octagon Park. There was some dancing and listening to Frozen songs 'Let it Go' and 'Do you want to build a snowman' while we played frisbee or stop and go.

Lunch of noodles, tofu and bean sprouts was enjoyed by all. Bean sprouts were new but everybody tried the crunchy sprouts.

Post lunch, we were joined by Paul as part of the birthday celebration. We cut the dolphin cake and enjoyed some rainbow jello topped with gummy bears (thank you Jenny/Paul!).

After all that fun and eating, the afternoon was spent resting followed by individual work and evening snack.

I would say, it was a Merry Monday!






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